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About us

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we are Kanudosi


  Kanudosi is a jazz band from Georgia, originating from Gori. The band was founded in 2005 by Niko Ghviniashvili. The name of the band comes from the novel by Guram dochanashvili, it means the city of kind and right people.

 Band’s current members are: Teo Lomsadze (vocal),  Niko Ghviniashvili (rhythm guitar), Tornike Lomsadze (flute, saxophone), Ramazi Nadiradze (solo guitar), Gia Dalakishvili (bass) and Michael Jinisiani (drums, percussion), but in the past years the band changed its personnel in several times. The original style of the band is so much various, there are big confluence of old and modern jazz, blues, rock, jazz-rock, funk and fusion in the band.

  During the working period, Kanudosi has played at many other stages: rock festival in Tbilisi (2009), jazz festival – ‘’Jazz Jamboree’’ in Warsaw (2010), music festival – ‘’Music for music’’ in Tbilisi (2011), art festival in Trabzon (2014), jazz festival – ‘’KavkazJazz’’ in Tbilisi (2015) and e. t. c.

  In 2015, the band recorded their first single in ‘’MTS Studio’’ which includes two songs: “Four Elements” and “Come Back”. And also it’s being planned to release the band’s debut album…

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